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Jessica's Permanent Makeup 

We all desire a beautiful set of brows but some of "us" aren't as lucky as others, like myself.

My journey as a permanent makeup specialist began as a young teen. My eyebrow definition was very light and I began to draw them in at a young age. I first got them permanently done at 14 years old with parental consent. I was OK with them but they were not what I drew on. I was not fully satisfied. I tried a few other artists and I was not getting the details I desired. It wasn't until I got a hold of a PMU kit, that I decided to do them myself. Since then I have not stopped enhancing brows and giving women the definition they desire.


My passion for fuller brows placed me on this journey towards improving the lives of others. I am one  of very few Permanent Makeup Specialist in our valley with the goal to continue learning new techniques and keep up with the trends for our clients.

Now, here at Jessica's Permanent Makeup we offer all the services that have to do with permanent makeup.


We specialize in eyebrow mapping and color theory. We take 1-3 courses yearly and  have taken numerous courses with some of the best international artists such as Teryn Darling, Rita Romo, Ana Oprea and more.


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My objective is to help women & men boos

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